Dr. Sandeep Singla

“Education is the driving force of my practice,” says Dr. Sandeep Singla. “It enhances both our patient care and our ability to offer new services and products.” During his consultations, which often take longer than the surgeries themselves, Dr. Singla presents the potential risks, benefits and alternatives of procedures so patients fully understand their choices.

At exclusive Oral Surgery, the focus is on anxiety-free, pain-free treatment, including wisdom teeth extractions, placement of dental implants and management of various oral and facial pathologies. The group also diagnoses and treats sleep apnea, and is one of the few practices in the state where referring doctors can care for their most fearful patients under general anesthesia. Always on the cutting-edge, Dr. Singla and his team utilize innovative Zimmer© Trabecular Metal™ implant technology for significantly faster permanent tooth replacement.

Dr. Singla has a medical degree in addition to his extensive dental training from Stony Brook University and surgical training from Long Island Jewish Medical Center and North Shore University Hospital. He says, “Most rewarding is changing people’s perception, for the better, of what oral surgery should be.”

– As seen in New Jersey Monthly.